FreshBooks vs Xero: How They Compare in 2023

Our support team is here to make switching to FreshBooks from any other software (even spreadsheets) super easy, with no interruptions to your business. FreshBooks doesn’t offer bank reconciliation with its least expensive option, FreshBooks Lite. And while the software automatically suggests some transaction matches for you during the reconciliation process, you cannot create your own custom bank rules.

  • However, you may be able to use a third-party app, such as Zapier, to connect the two.
  • Growing, Xero’s mid-tier plan, removes restrictions on the number of transactions you can process, but doesn’t add new features.
  • A cost-effective yet powerful cloud-based accounting tool is a must-have for any small to medium-sized business today.
  • But if you’re looking for more affordable software that still offers comprehensive features and better customer service, FreshBooks and Xero could suit too.
  • FreshBooks lets you pick between adding a logo and changing the color or font, but you only get two templates to choose from otherwise.
  • The company provides features and tools for businesses, accountants and bookkeepers to pay bills, claim expenses, make bank connections and more.

A cost-effective yet powerful cloud-based accounting tool is a must-have for any small to medium-sized business today. FreshBooks also boasts its very own app store with over 100 options available, including useful ecommerce tools and accounting add-ons. But while FreshBooks integrations are stronger than Sage, they still pale in comparison to Xero’s. This makes it the best option for businesses looking to keep expenses low year-round.

FreshBooks vs Xero: Mobile App Functionality

Dashboards help you stay on top of your accounts payable, particularly those that can’t be automated. In Xero, you can set invoices to repeat through the “sales” menu. If you’ve already sent an invoice, you have to navigate back to the “sales” screen to make it recurring, which is annoying. While both services claim to give you customized invoices, that’s not quite true. FreshBooks and Xero, two of the main competitors in the space, have many of the same features, but each lacks important processes, which may lead you to look at other programs. We’ll be comparing FreshBooks vs. Xero in this article to help you decide which is best for your business.

It creates this feel through bright colors, creative design, a straightforward layout, clear navigation, fun fonts, and a super casual tone. I never thought I’d hear the phrase “invoicing like a boss,” yet here we are. If you didn’t receive an email don’t forgot to check your spam folder, otherwise contact support.

  • The way you build a website can directly impact the success your website has in attracting and retaining customers.
  • And you can always give your accountant immediate access to FreshBooks to get support during tax season and key financial decisions.
  • The difficulty in using Xero compared to FreshBooks is compounded by a lack of customer service.
  • Choose Xero over FreshBooks if you want to organize and expedite your vendor payments.
  • With FreshBooks, you get simplified and automated accounting, invoicing, project management, and more.

Xero doesn’t have a phone number customers can call, but it can provide a callback if necessary. FreshBooks doesn’t offer quite as many connections, with just 100 partner apps. However, you’ll be able to find integrations to help you analyze data, book appointments, manage projects, run payroll and so much more.

Why FreshBooks Is The Best Xero Alternative?

The entire premise of Xero is cloud-based accounting, but it feels like traveling back in time 25 years when trying to get anything done with them. With FreshBooks, you get simplified and automated accounting, invoicing, project management, and more. Plus, with industry-leading customer support, you’ll never struggle alone.


This is because its powerful inventory management and time-tracking tools are available on all of its tiers, and its entry price is currently lower than Xero and Sage. FreshBooks is our number-one choice for online stores too, but due to its lack of EPOS integrations, it won’t be a good fit for every brick-and-mortar store. It includes inventory in every pricing plan, mainstains stock levels and runs reports. FreshBooks requires you to sign up and pay for a separate app if you want inventory management that syncs with your accounting.

Xero vs FreshBooks vs Sage: Which Has the Edge in 2023?

Another area where FreshBooks shines is its mobile experience. Compared to Xero’s app, it’s more user-friendly and offers a wider selection of features, including entering bills, live time tracking, and billing clients for time worked. A small company may find that FreshBooks offers more than they will ever need and is straightforward, accessible and provides a wide range of automations and reports.

Meanwhile, Xero’s banking and cash management system allows but doesn’t require a bank feed connection. You can set up different cash accounts, reconcile book and bank statements, and print checks. The only way to assign expenses to the appropriate checking account is by matching transactions in the bank feed. Therefore, without a bank feed, you can’t designate which accounts to subtract expenses, making FreshBooks unusable if you have more than one bank account and no live feed established. FreshBooks is a bit complicated and limited in its banking features, especially with bank reconciliation. What we noticed is that FreshBooks deducts all entered expenses from the Petty Cash account manually.

FreshBooks vs. Xero Compared

This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. Check out our full review of Gusto HR software to determine if the partnership with Xero is worthwhile for your business. Xero is cheaper when comparing the two base plans, but it quickly becomes more expensive in higher tiers. However, both Xero and FreshBooks are cheaper than the more popular QuickBooks software. Whether you opt for Xero or FreshBooks, both seamlessly sync with Zapier, allowing you to set up automations and ditch the tedious bookkeeping.

FreshBooks vs. Xero Recap

For Taxes, you can email our excellent customer support the details below and we’ll take care of it for you. Xero has some of the worst customer service we have ever experienced, particularly for a company of what is a contactless credit card and how to get one their size. Combine this with terrible user experience in some parts of the app, unintuitive subscription models, and bad resources online, and it takes about 20x longer than it should to get anything done.

As a full-featured accounting software program, there are many features to explore. However, once you get the navigational flow, it’s a matter of remembering where to find specific accounting information based on the menu categories. You’ll find both FreshBooks and Xero useful if you’re a service-based business that works on projects or bills clients by the hour. You’ll have the option to set up hourly or flat-rate projects and assign them to your employees or customers. Once you’re done with a project, you can convert it into an invoice easily.

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